Candace has worked as a natural Health practitioner for the past 20 years in Chilliwack , B.C.

During those years she has had some significant teachers who have given her the tools necessary to be the healer that she has become.

Joanne Geisbreht (herbalist), gave her the knowledge of Eastern herbalism and the ability to look and test for the source of the problem not just the symptom. She does this through several methods including finger kinesiology (muscle testing). Candace has also learned that not every herb is for every person, each person needs to be treated individually and not as a genetic group.

Sandra Geisbreght taught Candace reflexology which has come in to play an important part of her practice to promote healing and relaxation.

Hazel Schoeder taught Candace for five years in the art of manipulating the body into correction through methods that work with the ligaments, tendons, muscle, and tissues, bones and cartilage. ,

She trained in Body Management with Forest Berry whose father was one of the founding fathers of Touch for Health. His wisdom was responsible for bringing this wonderful healing art to North America and was passed onto his son. Forest put Candace through several courses that taught that manipulation does not have to hurt and can be done with our bodies energy.

Candace studied in India where she was taught the -art of Ayurvedic massage and treatments through the use of hands on healing to promote health while detoxifying the body.

Candace Brown Chilliwack BCRecently Candace has recieved her certifacate in GNM under Caroline Markolin who has dedicated herself to the full time study of Dr. Hammer’s revolutionary discoveries and is teaching, giving GNM presentations, seminars and workshops in Canada and Europe.  Candace is grateful to Caroline for the understanding that our brains and bodies are interconnected with any trauma, thereby the body has to be treated as a whole unit.

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